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Joseph Craig and Jason Rein have discovered that they make a pretty good creative team so they formed Atypical Tales, a repository to showcase their projects. So far they've written two screenplays (both highly-regarded by readers) and are currently working on a third.

CargoA slave, the first mate, and a lone passenger with unscrupulous motives find themselves in deadly and historically-altering circumstances on a slave ship voyage.
Gene and Rodger: An Up Stairs Lounge StoryA chance meeting between a bar owner with ties to the French Quarter mafia and a young transient leads to the tragic fire of a gay night club in 1973 New Orleans.
Untitled ProjectAt the height of the Great Depression, a black southern Illinois farmer fends off coal miners and moonshiners leaving a wearied sheriff to make sense of the racial conflict when events turn deadly.
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Joe Craig is a professional archaeologist and historian with a keen interest in turning complicated historical events into interesting and compelling stories. Joe's love for cinema began in his teens as an usher in a Chicago movie house where he would sneak his friends only into those movies that he considered were good movies (apologies to General Cinema Corporation). An award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction stories and articles and a popular public speaker, Joe credits his Irish roots for his love of story-telling and being able to embellish a tale with funny details, poignant circumstances, and memorable characters.
Jason Rein has had a lifelong interest in filmmaking starting with the early discovery of an old Kodak Brownie 8mm movie camera then transitioning to the Super 8mm format where he experimented with various special effects while putting his friends through grueling filming sessions. Jason also enjoys dabbling in other facets of the arts such as animation, music, web, graphic design, and writing. His left noodle interests include computer programming, technology, science, mapping, and solving triangles. Jason later had a small stint as a Production Assistant in Hollywood, getting a feel for the industry and a drive to get projects into production.

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